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Coronavirus crisis battle plan

Here’s 3 steps you can take

Coronavirus: If your default is to stay out of sight then your customers will keep you out of mind.

So stay in touch with them or risk loosing them altogether. Remember, it’s always cheaper to retain than it is to acquire.


Take a moment to understand your marketing performance and the different habits of your audience.


Build some affinity with your brand by showcasing your value. Use the time to build your lists, ad hits and web visits.


Be ready for when the time is right to start getting conversions through tailored and targeting messaging.

We deliver digital transformation.

We focus on user-centred and data-driven solutions that go on to empower businesses.

More and more transactions are being done on mobile and it’s not too late for you to leverage the latest tactics and technology to get the best from digital.


Here's how we can help

Web Optimisation

Good design and optimisation can transform that first click into a lasting customer.

Email Marketing

Boost conversions through segmented emails and autonomous customer journeys.

Digital Ads

Whether it's Social or Google, we'll get creative to make sure your audience gets reactive.

Creative Content

From crafting copy to making video, we can engage with customers on different channels.

About Jacobdeen

For over 10 years, we’ve helped businesses grow with our honest and affordable marketing development solutions.

If you’re looking for help, then our full-service mix will help you reach your goals.

Make your business stronger.

Our techniques aren’t a secret, we’ve even listed them below. But they do need some experience and expertise to see them through. Luckily, we’ve got both.

The driving force behind your strategy decisions should come from evidence. Run reports, audit your work and find the trends that keep your diverse customers engaged.

One message or advert doesn’t fit all. In today’s crowded world, you’ll need to deliver extremely customised messages right where your customers will most likely see them.

The experience your customer has with interacting with you will define if they are lasting ones. Forge connections through purchase routes and automated communications.

When you’ve produced your content or ads, the work isn’t done. It’s competitive out there so you’ll need to constantly measure and tweak to get the best results from your ad spend.

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Success Stories

We went from unknown to well-known in just a few weeks, thanks to their expert and sophisticated marketing.​

Jacobs Co-founder

Delivered something truly stunning, on time and on budget. Really impressed how they managed to cater for our B2B and B2C model.​


Brilliant at what they do. Creative, intelligent and a highly competent team that integrated with our internal team straight away.

Yielders Founder

Well done to the team at Jacobdeen. They’ve done a brilliant job in a short space of time. Thanks for dealing with all our last minute requests.

Channel 5 Production Team

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