About Us

Who we are

We’re a core team that loves helping brands connect with their data and customers. We appreciate different problems need specialised solutions, so that’s why we work with a bank of tried and tested professionals to get the right results.

We also care about the world we live in and the people we live with, which is why we don’t work with Alcohol, Tobacco, Gambling, Interest-based Finance or anything else we see as harmful to the beautiful world we live in.

Our team now work from wherever they get an internet connection, which gives us the space to be innovative and creative, whilst offering you fast turnarounds that are even more cost-effective.

Office working

Here's my story

After a decade of working in senior positions for some of the biggest companies in the UK, I knew businesses needed more from marketing agencies than just basic contractual outputs. 

The digital revolution became a catalyst for the greed of instant results and converting click-throughs. That’s why Jacobdeen was born; to help businesses get the best out of digital and put positive practices in place to help them consistently grow.

We now exist as a solution to connect brands with their audiences and a key value we practise today is progressive customisation, so you’ll never get an ‘off the shelf’ fix with Jacobdeen. 

We also have a philosophy of sharing what we know to encourage better practice, so we’ll be sharing our tips and secrets through blogs and resources. We hope you find them useful.

Our 3 core values


Sometimes the simple ideas are the most effective and bring back order to complexity.

If the idea is clear, then putting the details and resources in place becomes easier.


It's not only technology that is evolving so rapidly. Culture is moving just as fast, like how we interact with brands.

Being surrounded in tech changes actually excites us, and also makes us constantly develop ourselves.


We've built our trustworthiness on years of honest hard-work, delivering what's best for our clients, not us.

So if we think something isn't going to work, even if we're set to profit from it, we'll be sure to tell you.