The largely untapped
Muslim Consumer.

This is the fastest growing consumer group in the world, with the population set to increase by 75% in 2050 to a population of 2.8 billion.

They are spread across the world and are incredibly diverse but purchase items based on their faiths and beliefs – like the need to have food adhering to Muslim dietary requirements, which has led to the British halal industry being valued at £700 million.

It’s the same for markets like modest clothing, animal-free makeup, compliant finance and so much more. The truth is, if you’re not telling the Muslim consumer about your product, they won’t know it matches their lifestyle.

90% of Muslims say their religion affects what they by



We understand the intricacy of the faith along with trends of Muslim Consumers. We share this with your organisation to build a deeper understanding of opportunities.


We can launch your brand in the Muslim Consumer world by connecting you with key Muslim audiences and harmonising your product with their lifestyle.


We’ll audit your existing campaigns and help you develop bespoke Muslim marketing messages designed to engage with Muslim consumers.

Muslim Women leading the charge in faith-friendly product design

We love connecting people.

Muslim marketing is essential for any organisation who is serious about growing into other markets.

Luckily, we’ve built a rich expertise and deep understanding that can help your organisation and our team can even manage campaigns, from planning to delivery.

Our work has already helped companies focussed around growing in the Muslim space grow, including top UK Muslim brands like Yielders and Haloodies.

Based in the UK, we can work directly with your teams or partner up with your existing agencies to deliver growth in this influential and fastest growing market.

So, if you’re a global company wanting to reach new markets, new to market with a Muslim-focused product or an existing Islamic company wanting to build their brand, our passionate and expert team can help develop Muslim marketing that positively impacts the Muslim consumer.

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The Global Muslim population


From fashion to food, are the worlds biggest brands now finally looking to engage with Muslim consumers?

At present, 66% of the Muslim population are under 30 and together, they account for 14% of the present global population.

These Muslim consumers want to see themselves reflected in general advertising, on supermarket shelves and even on the high street – with some brands leading the way in this.

There has been a shift in general marketing to be more inclusive of different audiences, but unlike ethnicities, Muslim marketing is based around faith, so the challenge is to align your authentic messages with their lifestyle.

If you want to uncloak your Islamic invisibility, get in touch for some valuable insight.


Muslims make up around 5% of the population of the UK, and they are the most diverse group in the world. Due to requirements of faith, they have created new drivers for brand growth.


The combined spending power in the UK is estimated at £20 billion. This is a largely untapped market, with Muslim consumers ultimately wanting to feel that they are included.


The global ‘Halal’ lifestyle is estimated at $1.2 trillion, which includes food, fashion and entertainment. Even more remarkable is that it’s still growing by $500 billion annually.

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