Data Dashboards

Translate tons of complex data

We build real-time dashboards that translate complex data into easy-to-use, intuitive reporting dashboard

Our platforms can connect over 300+ data sources and embed in any online platform, unlocking new insights for your business.

We even combine formulas, functions, and data modeling to build further customised dashboards and actionable reports.

Jacobdeen Data Dashboard

Here's how we can help.

Data Dashboards Laptop


We integrate your data, running multiple queries, and turn it into visually understandable graphs and charts that can be highly customised.

Data Dashboard Graph


Machine learning and AI effortlessly shows what important to you and can even project scenarios to protect the operation of your business.


No more Excel sheets and waiting on reports or analysis, now it can be done right away and shared with teams and exec for all important faster decision making.

Customised with no limits.


We can connect over 300+ data streams, saving you development time and money.

Live Data

Your data will always be in real-time and amalgamated from your current systems and operations.


Personalise your dashboards with branding and themes for departments, teams or individuals.


Effortlessly set-up new reports and share them with relevant teams or execs to make decisions faster.