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When done properly, paid ad marketing can generate fantastic returns for any business. Platforms and technology are constantly developing, which has allowed for some sophisticated ways for you to reach your audiences.

PPC has become much more than just boosted posts on Facebook and some Google Adwords. Yes, with refinement these still work, but you can now do some smart things like remarketing, geofencing and influencing. The good news is that our savvy Yorkshire digital marketing services cover all of the above, so we can create a tailored digital marketing strategy that generates the best results for you.

The great thing with Paid Ad Campaigns is they allow you to communicate relevant information to specific target audiences, and Jacobdeen’s Yorkshire Digital Marketing team can easily manage all the different channels and ways to do this.

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Facebook collects a lot of data on its users, making its targeting options very detailed. We can hone into relevant audiences by shortlisting based on interests, behaviour, demographics, location, amongst other criteria. Our campaigns are created to reach your goal, whether that be to increase footfall or drive online sales.


Different people use different social media platforms in different ways. Take advantage of advertising on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and LinkedIn and target millions of relevant people for immediate results. There’s no better way to generate leads, promote offers, give discounts to your fans or connect with basket abandoners.


Pay Per Click (PPC) ads on Google is a really effective way of getting people to your website and, best of all, you only pay when a person clicks the ad. These can now be served in display, video and shopping ads. They are highly trackable, which means we can optimise them to make sure they convert and remain profitable.


As scary as it sounds, your mobile knows more about you than you think. Through location services, phones track where people have gone and for how long. By tapping into this we can target ads to say, those who have visited a competitor. This hyper-targeted, location-based approach really is the next big thing in marketing.


Influencer marketing is where others create high-impact conversations about your brand, and by partnering up with someone who is like-minded with access to interested, organic followers, the results can be immense. Even reviews from strangers can impact your business, and that’s why we take the time to get influencing right.


The internet is smart and offers ways you can reconnect with those users who visited your website. If they showed interest previously, then we can serve different ad copy and segment audiences with more aggressive offers and conversion tactics. You can even recapture lost sales from those who didn’t complete a checkout.

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We’ll identify your most relevant audiences and the best style of messaging


Our design team will create and tailor each ad so it’s right for each channel


We’ll make sure to speak to the people that matter in the best way possible


We always roll-out tests to check our ads before optimising for best performance


We’ll monitor your ads to make sure we’re serving the best ads to your audience


We’ll compile your ad data to provide analysis on your campaign performance

Choosing the right ad graphic

Creating the right Ad

Social Media networks will always evolve and so will the various ad formats. A one size fits all approach just doesn’t work, as different types of ads are suited to different platforms, sectors and even demographics.

Our Yorkshire digital marketing consultants can help you choose what kind of advert is right for you and your budget. For example, on Facebook, carousel ads can show up to 10 images and are great for telling a story or showing off your products.

Short videos are a great way to get users excited about new products and engage them with competitions. These work particularly well for Instagram marketing and, as that platform is owned by Facebook, you can apply some of the same detailed segmentation.

So, for effective PPC marketing, you need a good advert that’s well managed and targeted to the right people. But not to worry, our knowledgeable team of PPC consultants are well-equipped to take care of this for you.

Not sure what the best approach for your business? Our friendly Yorkshire Digital Marketing team are always happy to give you some free advice. Get in touch today to book your free 30-minute call.


Our Digital Marketing Services are charged based on the projected number of hours we need to plan, build and manage your campaigns.

We keep our pricing model simple and transparent by sharing what we think the number of hours our team will need on a monthly basis to achieve your goals. Our hourly rate is charged at £50 p/h and budgets for ad spend (clicks or impressions) are separate and are payable in addition to our fees.

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