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About This Project


We love snacks and we love chicken, so it’s no surprise that we loved working with Haloodies. Another favourite of ours is the momentous quadrennial tournament some of you less football-oriented football folk might simply call the World Cup.

Haloodies wanted a campaign that captured the global spirit of the tournament and celebrated the diversity of their products in terms of their taste and how they can be applied.


  • Showcase Haloodies ready-to-eat range as healthy snacks during the 2018 World Cup
  • Show how the range can be made into quick meals
  • Celebrate the countries in the World Cup tournament linking back to the Haloodies product range


We took their products and scored some quick, tasty meals that were way healthier than anything you’ll typically find inside the box. We had a ball creating some of the dishes from scratch and used some photography trickery to net a few of the best. We themed the campaign around the popular World Cup collection stickers and substituted players for recognisable national dishes. This led to a massive 40% increase in reach from the previous campaign.

An unrelated side achievement is that Liam from the team actually managed to complete the official Panini World Cup sticker book!