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About This Project

Haloodies are known for their Halal ready-to-eat products, which are available in supermarkets across the UK. Through some insightful data, they noticed consumers were buying their products for snacks. So, they wanted to launch a new pocket-sized snack product – Haloodies2Go – that could go into places like lunchboxes and act as a really good alternative to crisps, chocolates and other sugar-filled junk we tend to impulsively go for.

After we did some research of our own, we noticed a trend of Muslim consumers buying Haloodies products to turbo charge their gym routines or to pack in the protein.

• Launch the new Haloodies2Go products and availability
• Educate consumers on health benefits
• Get influencers and the online community onboard

A number of separate campaigns were set up and ran alongside each other due to the quick turnaround and availability of the product. We ran a successful competition which encouraged the online community to take photos of the snacks in use and send them straight to us. This supported organic and influential reach, and we even had some big stars in the world of fame and Instagram join in.

The comparison campaign was widely applauded by the online community, who appreciated being reminded of the dangers of eating the snacks we choose as default. With sales passing expectations, demand had to be met by Haloodies producing multi-packs of these delicious and fresh-tasting chicken snacks.