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Branding, SEO, Website Design
Branding, Creative, SEO, Website Design
About This Project


After hearing about our success in growing FinTech brands, Arun Krishnakumar wanted to work with us to develop a brand and website for his new portal for impactful, insightful & innovative news. Rhetoriq arrived as an idea but left as a stylish and professional platform that will drive meaningful conversation about social responsibility across Financial Services and Technology.

• Create a recognisable brand for Rhetoriq that’s both stylish and professional
• Create a responsive CMS website to act as the home of ‘stories with purpose’, shared through a series of insightful blogs and thought-provoking podcasts
• Optimise the website with relevant SEO keywords to improve traffic to the Rhetoriq website.

With an ident that’s as strong as it is slick, Rhetoriq’s traffic to site continues to grow month-on-month and the platform has even attracted some of the biggest industry names to be part of its weekly podcast, with guests hailing from over the world, from London’s famous Canary Wharf to Zurich, and New York City to Cape Town! Back home in beautiful Yorkshire, we’ve been kept busy by continuing our content marketing of the news stories.