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About This Project


WF-AID is a growing humanitarian organisation working in some of the most deprived countries in the world, including those heavily affected by war, poverty and disease.

Our challenge was to raise the profile of the organisation and showcase their extremely worthwhile work, whilst also improving the level of meaningful interaction with existing donors.


  • Increase knowledge of the work undertaken by WF-AID
  • Produce Emails, Animated Videos, Documentary Videos and other marketing recommended outputs
  • Celebrate the transformational impact of donations
  • Reach out to donors through print, digital and influencers


Successful campaigns were delivered over four weeks that saw a whopping 67% increase in donations compared to the same period in the previous year. Every donor received a series of generic and tailored communications, including a succession of videos that were shared through WhatsApp broadcasting, Facebook targeting or community influencers.

With website traffic from social media going up by 548%, the Jacobdeen team got a virtual emoji round of applause from the senior team. The gesture was courteously returned with the universally accepted symbol of thumbs up.